Discriminatory wage practices in California: What are your options?


Under the California Equal Pay Act, employers cannot pay their employees less because of their sex or gender. Despite this, women earn 79 cents for every dollar a man earns for the same type of work nationally. It is important that workers know their rights in case they are faced with discriminatory wage practices,

What is the Equal Pay Law in California?

This law requires employers to report how much their workers are paid and what their job functions are. In addition, employers are required to report race, ethnicity, and gender to be consulted in case the state needs to investigate the data when filing a case for sex discrimination or unlawful wage practices.

What to do if you are discriminated against at work?

If you suspect that your pay is underpaid because of your gender or race, it is recommended that you seek the assistance of an employment law attorney in order to proceed with the required wage claim. The first step is to identify when discrimination occurs. Consider the following situations:

– You are assigned more work without it being accompanied by promotions or raises

– Work more hours without being recognized more payment

– You are rejected or not considered when naming promotions or raises, even when you have the same (or higher) qualifications as your co-workers

– The company has a tendency in which one sex or ethnic group receives more benefits than the others.

If you recognize any of these indicators of discrimination in your business, contact an attorney for help.